About Steps Dance Project

Steps Dance Project is the Events Division of Steps Dance Studio. Under the management of James Laforteza, Steps Dance Project handles the dance performance requirements of various premier events in the country.

James Laforteza

James Laforteza is the Manager and Choreographer of Steps Dance Project, as well as the resident Jazz teacher of Steps Dance Studio. His jazz training began in 1985, learning the Luigi jazz dance technique under Rene Hofileña. He learned the Gus Giordano jazz technique under Nan Giordano and John Lehrer while representing Steps at the Jazz Dance World Congress in Chicago in 2005 and 2007, where he also trained with master teachers Frank Hatchett, Joe Tremaine, Liz Imperio and Susan Quinn, among others.

James was a member of the Powerdance Group from 1988 to 2000, performing in concerts and events all over the world. From 2000 to date, he has staged and choreographed concerts and performances for practically every major dance and performing arts group in the country – including Repertory Philippines, Trumpets, Stages Production Specialists, Ballet Philippines, and of course, Steps Dance Studio and Steps Dance Project.