International Dance Camp

What is International Dance Camp?

International Dance Camp is a two-week intensive dance program for international students, tailored to meet their specific needs. It covers all the regular dance classes offered at Steps Dance Studio, as well as specialized classes available upon request.

During the International Dance camp program, students will join regular classes with local students from Steps, as well as extra classes chosen to suit their specific requirements.

Steps has a very strong male student population, which makes partnering and pas de deux classes, for example, more easily available here compared to other schools.


Regular Classes include:

  • Classical Ballet- RAD and open technique classes
  • Modern and Contemporary Dance
  • Jazz
  • Street Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Pilates

Extra Classes upon request:

  • Pointe work
  • Partnering / Pas de deux
  • Improvisation and composition
  • Music for Dancers
  • Local Philippine Folk Dance
  • Repertoire classes – classic repertoire from famous ballets, as well as our own original repertoire

Additional Offerings:

The intensive workshop also includes a trip to the Ayala Museum to learn about Philippine culture and heritage. An optional trip to the beach can also be arranged.

Aside from this, the students from each school will be taught an original repertoire piece of Steps Dance Studio, which they may perform in their local school back home.


Steps Dance Studio is one of the most innovative and creative dance studios in the Philippines.

Founded in 1994 by Sofia Zobel Elizalde, Steps offers a variety of dance courses for different age groups and different levels of ability. Our faculty is made up of dedicated and passionate teachers whose goal is to cultivate individuality and talent, joy of dance, and a good work ethic in our students.

Located in the heart of Makati City in Metro Manila, Steps features four large, fully air-conditioned studios, each with its own piano, sprung floors specially made for dance, ballet barres and mirrors.

  • Studios 1,2,3 and the BMZ Hall
  • Full reception area
  • Bathrooms with showers for male and female students
  • Students lounge strictly for students to use while resting in between classes
  • Pilates room
  • Two costume rooms
  • Staff lounge

Artistic Staff

Steps has an amazing and talented group of teachers, all exceptionally trained in their specific field of dance.

  1. Classical Ballet
  • Alicia Sangco-Ledesma (Ballet & Tap)
  • Eurica Aysa Balagtas (ARAD, RAD RTS )
  • Marion Ignacio (ARAD, RAD RTS )
  • Jeffrey Floyd Espejo (Open Classes )
  • Eduardo Malagkit (RAD RTS)
  • Christopher Rey Nocon (RAD RTS )
  • Cecilia Marie Gabrielle Isabela
  1. Modern
  • Arturo Saagundo Jr.
  • Jazz
  • James Laforteza (Steps Dance Project, Manager )
  • Ana Paulina Reyes
  • Julio Laforteza
  1. Streetdance
  • Diana Malyn Gagelonia-Orleans
  • Jeremiah James Carcellar

Steps Dance Project

International Dance Camp is run by Steps Dance Project – the Events Division of Steps Dance Studio. Under the management of James Laforteza, Steps Dance Project handles the dance performance requirements of various premier events in the country.

James Laforteza is the Manager and Choreographer of Steps Dance Project, as well as the resident Jazz teacher of Steps Dance Studio. His jazz training began in 1985, learning the Luigi jazz dance technique under Rene Hofileña. He learned the Gus Giordano jazz technique under Nan Giordano and John Lehrer while representing Steps at the Jazz Dance WorldCongress in Chicago in 2005 and 2007, where he also trained with master teachers Frank Hatchett, Joe Tremaine, Liz Imperio and Susan Quinn, among others.James was a member of the Powerdance Group from 1988 to 2000, performing in concerts and events all over the world. From 2000 to date, he has staged and choreographed concerts and performances for practically every major dance and performing arts group in the country – including Repertory Philippines, Trumpets, Stages Production Specialists, Ballet Philippines, and of course, Steps Dance Studio and Steps Dance Project.

Why is International Dance Camp beneficial to foreign students?

  • A well-rounded education in the different genres of dance
  • Excellent training from some of the region’s finest instructors
  • Opportunities to take classes not offered in their own school
  • A chance to travel to – and learn about – a new country
  • A wonderful way to meet other students from other parts of the world, who share the same passion
  • A fun and exciting experience that will enrich their craft

How To Apply:

If you are interested in offering this program to your students, please call or email us for more information or to discuss a custom curriculum.


Telephone: (632) 621-6186

We are happy to offer package deals for travel and accommodations upon request, or provide helpful information so that schools can make arrangements on their own.