Jazz is the dance, which was inspired by jazz music, which in turn had its roots in Negro Spirituals, Gospel music, and African music during the late 1800s. Jazz music had its heyday with the great bands and performers of the 1930s and 1940s and the dance evolved from there as its expression in movement.

One of the earliest known jazz dancer was Vaudeville star Joe Frisco in 1910. It was referred to as tap dance as this was mainly performed back then set to the music of jazz. By 1950s one of the pioneers Katherine Dunham made jazz dance into a performing art.

Nowadays, jazz dance has grown in scope and style separating it with tap dance. With the continuous evolution of music, its smooth style known as Modern Jazz today include the type of dancing one sees in Broadway musicals like Cabaret, Chicago, and The West Side Story to the performances seen on MTV and such movies as Moulin Rouge. Some of the notable jazz masters include Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Gus Giordano, Luigi to name a few.

Steps Dance Studio offers different levels of Jazz. There are three levels for children, which are segregated according to age. Adult classes are separated according to abilities and length of training for students.

The jazz classes are not taught in any particular style but rather focuses on giving the student a solid technique based on ballet, contemporary dance and hip-hop, which will enable the student to adopt to any style, choreography or routine, be it the distinctively lyrical Fosse, funky Madonna Grimes, or MTV. To reinforce this, a variety of music is used in the class exercises: pop, rock, hip-hop, techno, disco, Broadway, etc.

On the most basic level, the jazz classes aim to imbue the student with the love and enjoyment of dance and movement, an appreciation of music, and pride in one’s physique. Ultimately, it is hoped that promising students will eventually move on to professional musical theatre or into commercial and theatrical dance companies.


• Kids I – for ages 4 – 5 years old

• Kids II – for ages 6 – 10 years old

• Kids III – for ages 6 – 10 years old

• Beginners – for ages 11 years old and above

• Intermediate – for ages 13 years old and above

• Advanced – for ages 15 years old and above

*Note : Entry level is subject to change based on the student’s age, technical level and strength.