A new form of theatrical dance developed in America late 19th century but only became a trend in the 20th century. Three well-known pioneers of this trend were Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Ted Shawn.

Duncan experimented with body movements, breaking away from the traditional to discover her own technique. By 1905, those so-called “free dance” paid off and made her an institution in the field of dance.

St. Denis and Shawn opened a dance school in 1915 known as Denishawn. This school paved the way for yet another dance revolutionist, Martha Graham who developed her own technique by 1930.

Modern dance at Steps explores the elements of dance namely, space, time and energy and implements visual imagery in performance. Classes encourage creativity and individuality of the dancer through the use of improvisation and exploration exercises and aims to produce “intelligent” dancers & performers.

Modern class is offered on different occasions only within the year. And because of the highly strenuous movements being taught, technique classes are open only for dancers with previous dance training.


• Graham – developed by one of modern dance revolutionists, Martha Graham. Known for her theatrically artistic pieces, Graham conceptualized this widely used technique mainly to teach her disciples how to perform her pieces. The Graham technique focuses on achieving a method for precise executions of a choreographer’s work.