Street Dance

Street dance is the newest dance craze among the MTV generation used to describe the kind of dance styles that originated outside the confines of a regular dance studio to more spacious areas like schoolyards, clubs, parking lots, streets, etc. with African American roots.

Essentially it is hip-hop and funk with a modern name combined with a little R&B, rap, rave, techno, break-dancing and modern jazz that started in the US in the 1970s.

But unlike the other dances, it encourages social interaction and contact with other dancers and even its audience. It calls for one’s creativity and personal style or originality through improvisation.

We offer beginner, intermediate and advance classes of this high-energy dance for kids and adults. It involves all aspects of hip-hop. Here you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of the latest dance styles of breaking, locking, popping and more.


• Beginners

• Intermediate

• Advanced

*Note : Entry level is subject to change based on the student’s previous dance training, technical level, age and strength.