Tap Dance

Tap dancing has its common roots with traditional clog dances, Russian step dance and Irish jigs. One needs a sense of rhythm, good listening ears, an alert brain and fast footwork. Once you master steps like wings, pick-ups, cramp-rolls, maxi-fords, time steps, spins, turns and jumps, you can move up within your basic rhythm, and let your imagination run.

In Steps, we use the graded technique of renowned tap dancer Al Gilbert. This technique is used all over the world. And anybody, regardless of age, can have a go. Tap dancing is a combination of speed, control and relaxation. It may sound confusing, but once you have the expetise, you can look – and sound – pretty slick. It might fulfill your fantasies. This is a very fun way of staying in shape.


• Beginners

• Intermediate

• Advanced

*Note : Entry level is subject to change based on the student’s previous dance training, technical level, age and strength.