Summer Workshop

The highlight of Steps Dance Studio is the Summer Dance Workshop. It is the time when children from all over the country come to Steps to study different genres of dance.

The Summer Dance Workshop formally opens in April. The studio is bustling and filled with eager students. Classes run all day from Monday to Sunday.

Steps is known for its summer workshops. Primarily because, in addition to the regular dance classes, most special courses and master classes like Modern (Graham / Horton techniques), Pointe Work, Advanced Ballet, etc. are offered during this time. Students get the chance to study under various seasoned choreographers and well-known personalities invited as summer guest teachers.

The goal of our workshop is for students, old and new alike, to learn and experience dance in a fun way, without compromising the quality education and discipline we instill in our students all year round.

The culminating activity of our workshop is the much-anticipated Summer Dance Recital. This is a special one-night only performance at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP Main Theater) held on either the last weekend of May or 1st weekend of June.

Summer courses are subject to change, as well as the schedules, depending on the availability of our guest teachers. For the past 17 years, we have had the honor of having the following artists share their knowledge and expertise with our students —

  • Mr. Irish Abejero (Modern – Horton)
  • Mr. Tony Fabella (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Danny Katalbas (Makeup)
  • Ms. Abbygale Arenas – De Leon (Makeup)
  • Mr. Jaime del Mundo (Acting)
  • Mr. Anatoli Panasiukov (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Victor Ursabia (Advanced Ballet)
  • Ms. Agnes Locsin (Modern)
  • Ms. Ida Beltran – Lucila (Avanced Ballet – Pointe Work)
  • Mr. Enrico Labayen (Modern)
  • Mr. Nonoy Froilan (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Guillaume Compain (Modern)
  • Mr. Frank Ohman (Master Class – Balanchine)
  • Ms. Christine Crame (Modern)
  • Ms. Julie Alagde – Carretas (Modern – Graham)
  • Ms. Katherine Sanchez – Trofeo (Advanced Ballet – Pointe Work)
  • Ms. Anna Villadolid – Mayr (Ballet/Pilates)
  • Ms. Tina Santos – Wahl (Ballet)
  • Ms. Valerie Bayley – Logan (Ballet)
  • Mr. Max Luna (Modern)
  • Mr. Alan Hineline (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Floyd Espejo (Advanced Ballet)
  • Ms. Edna Vida (Improv, Composition & Expression)
  • Ms. Lynn Wallis (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Paul Ocampo (Modern)
  • Mr. Flavio Salazar (Advanced Ballet)
  • Mr. Steven Mitchell (Pianist)

The Summer Dance Workshop schedule and fees are released in March and is posted under the Schedule & Fees page.